How To Fix Blue Screen Error c000021a Fatal System Error

I have a problem that is blue screen error c000021a on my Windows XP operating system. Due to this error, I was not able to access some of my precious picture files that I had transferred from Sony a7S II camera and saved them on the system’s hard drive. I tried rebooting the computer several times, but got the same c000021a fatal system error. I just want to restore some of those valuable image files from the hard disk after fixing this issue. Can someone please help me to resolve blue screen error c000021a and get back the lost data immediately on the system..?? Any help would be highly appreciated..!!

c000021a Fatal System Error

What is Blue Screen Error c000021a Fatal System Error?

Blue Scree of Death Error or c000021a Fatal System Error which is also known as Bug Check and Stop Error is a kind of common error message that belongs to the Microsoft Windows. This error notification mainly displays on Windows operating systems when the computer encounter various severe issues that were related to system’s hardware failure, drivers or updates. After getting c000021a fatal system error, user’s machine stops responding and also fails to boot.

As a result, all data saved on the hard drive of your system becomes inaccessible and even lost as well. Although, before knowing the best process to retrieve lost images or other media files from the PC’s hard drive after BSOD error and also to fix blue screen error c000021a, you should know the reasons that causes such annoying errors. Although, there are plenty of reasons that cause c000021a fatal system error or you might encounter this BSOD error on your system screen and some of them are listed below in this article.

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Best Solution For iPhoto Trash Recovery

Losing precious photos and videos under any circumstances is really sad moment. Photos are sweet memories of our past life and cherish us in good old days but we too can’t deny the fact that deletion, corruption to photos is a big issues that continues to bother. iPhoto is popular digital photo cataloguing application that is particularly used to print, share and maintain, edit pictures, import, pictures from picture CDs, digital cameras, scanners, as well as from the Internet. iPhoto offers full screen display modes, face recognition, Facebook enhancement, and some like other.

Inspite of so cool features, deletion of iPhoto photos is common issues after which user wonder for the solution to get them back. Including human mistake, technical issues there are multiple reasons that leads to need for iPhoto trash recovery. Some very often seen reasons are listed below:-

  1. Accidentally deleting precious photos while removing undesirable one.
  2. Corruption to the iPhoto due to improper system shutdown, virus attack
  3. Mistakenly deleting an entire iPhoto library while cleaning up spaces.
  4. Error occurrence during synchronization of iPhoto library.
  5. Severe virus attack onto the photos in iPhotos library folder.

The reasons for iPhoto files loss doesn’t matter but the good news is that you can regain those photos in simple clicks. Actually when you delete any items on Mac it first goes to Trash and hence the first and foremost thing you need to do is to look for iPhoto trash recovery. Below the solution is given to restore a deleted photo from Trash:-

  • Open the library in iPhoto.
  • Select the “Trash” album in the album list from the left hand side of the window. This display all photos that are currently in the trash.
  • Press command-A to select all the photos.
  • Go up to Photos menu >> Select “Put Back”.
  • This process will move the photos out of the trash once again appear in iPhoto library.

Trash option is great utility but will only works if you haven’t emptied Trash or deleted photos or other kind of files using “Shift+Delete” command option. In case you have done this wrong, manual iPhoto trash recovery become some tough job, however, you may try Time Machine backup utility to regain them back. But for that you need to have good technical skill. Thus, we strongly recommend you to make use of Data Recovery Utility as best alternative solution for iPhoto trash recovery. Here we have enlisted top recommended tool helpful in recovering files lost anyway.


Top Rated Software For iPhoto Trash Recovery(Experts Suggestion)

 Software Name


 Download Now

Stellar Mac Data Recovery 

Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

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How to Resolve Entourage Database Rebuild Fails Issue

Really, it’s a frustrating awkward moment when you launch Entourage and inspite of its well performance you encountered find messages missing, or Entourage refuses to launch at all or some like error messages. Someday before, I come through a Microsoft Forum Post where an user named as Shirley have an issues that she encountered “cannot rebuilt database and cannot open entourage” error message while using Office for Mac 2008. It keep asking her to rebuilt the database. Actually this error is clear sign of database Leawo Mac Data Recoverycorruption. This post deals with the solution to resolve entourage database rebuild fails issue.

Well, before coming to the solution to resolve entourage database rebuild fails issue, let’s have some brief introduction about the Entourage and what’re the causes for the emergence of this irritating error. MS Entourage is an email client application just like Outlook, Gmail which is developed by compatible with the version of Mac OS X. This very application is known to provides an efficient way to manage email and some other important items like notes, appointments, tasks, contacts, journals, etc. on the Mac computer systems. Entourage stores all your precious data alike contacts, messages, to do, attachments, calendar, and project data in a file that is popularly known as Database. However, despite so cool features a little mistake puts a normal user in serious issues alike entourage start acting abnormally. This abnormal behavior of Entourage may lead to severe data loss.

In addition to abnormal behavior or entourage, some other reasons that leads to emergence of entourage database rebuild fails issue and data loss are entourage database gets corrupted, identity corruption, system failure, improper application installation, abrupt power supply, abrupt termination of application, severe malware or virus attack, file header corruption and identity corruption. Reason may be different from the stated one but these issues results in occurrence of different kind of entourage error message, Some very commonly seen error messages, which emerges commonly while working with Entourage are mentioned below:-

  • “Framework error”
  • “I/O error on rebuilding”.
  • “Damaged office database”
  • “Entourage fails to launch”
  • “Entourage database rebuild fails”
  • “Mail couldn’t be accessed at this time”
  • “An error occurred while rebuilding the database”
  • “Can’t send via entourage, action could not be completed”

If you are working on MS Entourage 2008 for Mac, in addition to these error some other kind of problems you may faced are:-

  • “5.5.2 Syntax error”
  • “Invalid sender address”
  • “Could not relay message”
  • “The Office database is damaged”
  • “Transaction failed: Rejected by content filter”
  • “4.3.0 Mail server temporarily rejected message”

Definitely, the situation created at this time is frustrating one and the only solution is to resolve entourage database rebuild fails issue, make the corrupt database re-accessible. One need to rebuild the database if the items you are in desired to delete refuse to be deleted, you need to reclaim disk space as well as facing problems starting Entourage, or viewing, opening, and storing items.

Note:- A user should not rebuild database as regular maintenance. It must be avoided unless there is database corruption. Many people think continuous rebuilding database will protect you from the future corruption but this is not.

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Know About PUP.StackPlayer Attacks On WP

Is your WordPress get infected with PUP.StackPlayer due to plugins vulnerabilities? And now whenever you open your computer and start the Internet you will get lots of annoying pop-up ads on web pages!

What is PUP.StackPlayer?

PUP.StackPlayer is a piece of code that is specifically programmed by cyber criminals for their own monetry purpose. It is classified as an adware which is very irritating and troublesome for the computer users. This kind of program always uses security holes to comes into the system. It often comes without users knowledge very silently in various ways over Internet such as freeware, shareware, spam email attachments, suspicious websites and so on.


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Introduction to WordPress Security : Secure Your WP Site

Introduction to WordPress Security:

There are millions or WordPress site, so it is one of the most goal to hijack and take benefit from them for hackers across the world. However, it is human nature that we rarely care about managing system security or a potential risk until its too late. Once hackers hacks your WordPress website then you start to worry, but users it is not good for your system health, you should be careful. Users must need to take steps to minimize potential vulnerabilities with a best security that begins having the right attitude where prevention and system management are at the forefront.wordpress-security

However, it is a miner question that why anyone would hacked your WordPress. There is many reason that would be a perfect answer, someone who is running their own website for small business, but suddenly your site is hacked, and now you could be hackled by self. “Why me?” – Some variety of reasons are following:

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Outlooke Error : Data File Not Closed Properly

Know Complete Details About “Data file not closed properly error”:

If you are using Outlook then you may face “Data file not closed properly error”. However, it generally occurs mainly due to sudden application closer or improper file closer. It may hamper your Outlook performance and you will get error message. Due to this issue you may have to face lots of critical problems. After being occurred this error will be happen each and every time when you open your Outlook. However, it may be due to virus or malware that easily attack on all the computers and application today without users consent.

Data file not closed properly error

How to stop it, novice users have no idea or knowledge. Numbers of users run into same problems. Due to “Data file not closed properly error” performance might be affected, and other many issues occurs that will be very problematic. If it has happened due to virus attack or malware affection then it is very dangerous for your system and WordPress if you are running. You can’t access your file properly, it also can do other damages. However, there may be many factors that may causes this error message.

For more Information –

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How Harm Your WordPress

Know Complete Information About has been detected as a redirect virus that can easily infect all the Windows version computer system. It can attack your WordPress due numerous reasons, may be your WordPress is outdated, weaken in password, insecure theme used, vulnerable plugins installed and so on. Whatever, once has installed, it will ruin your whole WordPress. It will infect your all the most used web browsers including Google Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and so on. So, whenever, you start your browser it automatically open in new tab and cause redirect issues.


As result each the time you will get futile web results. Your WordPress site will get redirected to the unknown web pages again and again and thus, it will put your WP at high risk. Moreover, you will find that due to presence of, all the time your web pages or compute screen filled with numerous ads and pop-up along with sponsored links etc. These are not safe to use, clicking on the unwillingly you will get forwarded to the malicious websites, where you have been forced to download infectious program or malware. The will track the users online activities and send to the hackers.

know more-

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Know About Great Deals virus Completely : Effects On WordPress

Great Deals virus

Great Deals virus is recently found on million of computer, WordPress also attacked by this nasty adware. However, this is a small piece of code that is created by cyber criminals for their own vicious purpose. Your WordPress website will be ruined after infecting this adware. It helps the online criminals to gain access all the data or information. You may lose your precious or private data like- login details, passwords, id and so on which will make your site totally unsafe. Moreover, once Great Deals virus injected on your WordPress, it will enter your computer and does lots of vicious activities and does lots of harmful effects.

More knowledge-

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About : Virus Attack On WordPress

Are you using WordPress? Is your WordPress infected or hacked by unfortunately? It means now you may always get redirected to this and its affiliated websites each the time. To get full information about read this post carefully and get best solution!

searchinsocial is a rogue application software that is deemed as a browser hijacker. It is really very awful for your computer and browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox so on. In actual it is created by cyber hackers to hack your legit websites and get relevant information and utilize them for their own beneficial purpose illegally. However, generally comes into the users computer without their knowledge and approval while you are going through some illegal activities. Whatever, if in case your WordPress get this unwanted application it means, you have not a powerful anti-spyware on your computer. Being third party program, it will increases web traffic and also infects the system registry, and thus your browser and system will be very sluggish in performance.

Know More-

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Millions Of WordPress Are Hacked By Http://

Is your WordPress hacked by Http://   and each time you will get redirected to the malicious websites? Is your Web browser is automatically modified? Are you getting unwanted pop-up or advertisement? All these symptoms shows there is malaware infection in your Window PC. wordpress-hacking-exploit

For more information visit-

Http:// is newly detected as browser hijacker that can mess up your WordPress and cause redirect your browser to the unknown site. The looks and design of this Browser Hijacker is like a legitimate company site. If you accidentally click on this site you will forcefully redirect to malicious site that are linked with online hackers. It is not a genuine search engine site like or Once your WordPress hacked by Http://, you can lose your site login details, passwords and precious information. It will connect your WordPress remotely to the hackers, causing misbehaving or you will see spammy comments and so on.

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