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WordPress is very secure platform in itself as it is designed. However, it also offers to add more security & extra firewall by using security Plugins which greatly enhance your websites security with lots of good practices. Generally, a WordPress security plugins enhance the site protection by hiding the weaknesses of your site works. Aside from scanning and reporting of WP security issues, the plugin scripts that make it difficult to insert malicious cyber criminals or perhaps to steal sensitive information from your site to make different offers automatic protection measures.

But it’s just to use these add-on is not enough. As we know that hackers working day and night just to collect all the websites sensitive or important data they can quite easily be mindful to steal. In fact, they are not doing it themselves. Special computer programs or bots that your system has emerged and could attack the weak points of your site use. Once they find a hole, it attacked them and all the information you have been working on for so many years will be easy to steal.


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That’s why it is must to increase your site security in order to save your site for which you have been working on for so many years. The All In One WordPress Security plugin is one the best that will take your websites to a great level security. It provides best recommended WP protection with easy techniques features that it is designed an expert mind. However, issues of common security holes found in the WordPress websites usually careless users or bad security practices, poor and poorly coded plugins or themes come from hosting configuration.

WP grading in all security and firewall security features to measure how well you have activated your site are protected by an unprecedented security system that uses points.

So it is such an important safety practices implemented on their site as your site using a plugin to add some extra security and firewall is very important. In addition, as a most wanted- All In One WordPress Security plugin, by checking for vulnerabilities and implement security practices and technologies and by applying the latest recommended WordPress reduces security risks. It also creates an unprecedented protection points marking rule in order to analysis how well we are securing our site based on the activated security features.

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In All In One WordPress Security plugin, The security and firewall system are classified into three items that are ”basic”, ”intermediate” and ”advanced”. Thus it can be applied the firewall rules more and more without breaking the site’s functionality as soon as you activate the plugin. The All In One WordPress Security plugin is 100% free that never slow down your site. It has several great security and firewall features which are as follows:

User Accounts Security: It can easily detect if the users account is by default ”admin” and also able to change to a value as per users choice. It can also easily detect if you have any user accounts on WordPress that have identical login and shows name. It consist password strength tool which allowing create great strong passwords. Users can’t discover information via author permalink.

User Login Security: It secure against ”Brute Force Login Attack” due to its ligin Lockdown feature. As the administrator one can view list of all locked out users and also allows to unlock individual or group IP addresses. After a considerable time period, it force logout all users. It has the ability to monitor account activities and tracks users name, IP address, login date or time etc. Apart from that, it provides add captcha to WordPress login form and if you forget password form of your WP login system.

User Registration Security: WordPress user accounts enable manual approval. WordPress people through the registration form on your site to create their own accounts, allowing you to manually approve each registration by a spam or fake registration can reduce. WordPress user registration to avoid spam captcha ability to add user registration page.

Database Security: Easily with the click of a button, the default WP prefix for a price of your choice. Whenever you want to schedule automatic backup with a single click and email notifications or make an instant backup DB.

Apart from that, All In One WordPress Security plugin comes added with numbers of best and effective advance features such as- File System Security, htaccess and wp-config.php File Backup and Restore, Blacklist Functionality, Firewall Functionality, Brute force login attack prevention, WhoIs Lookup, Security Scanner, Comment SPAM Security, Front-end Text Copy Protection, Regular updates and additions of new security features, Works with Most Popular WordPress Plugins, and Additional Features, Plugin Support, Developers, Translations through which All In One WordPress Security plugin can be translated in any languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Persian.

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