Just Released WordPress Under Attack – Know Zero Day Vulnerability

The WordPress is used for content management around world by millions of websites that are vulnerable to two newly found threats. It allows the online hackers to full access control on your WordPress of the web server. However, attack code is released which target one very latest versions of WP site. In 1990, there is a software piracy scene that scene was called ‘warez’. The people illegally sharing modems using commercial software group. Scene still exists today, but uses BitTorrent and other more modern techniques. Back then, modems pirated software was slow and took a long time to move.


But in Modern, it is said that there is a security hole in the software industry, where the software vendor “zero days” to fix the problem was to indicate the warez scene of the 1990s the word ‘zero’ day is borrowed. So, for example if you have Adobe Flash in a “zero day” vulnerability, so that means that Adobe still has not been aware of the problem of security and there is a security hole that Adobe Flash millions of people are likely to be running version.

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Another Browser Hijacker “Go.oclasrv.com”-Harmful Effects On WordPress


Online criminals have been leveraging a vulnerability in WordPress by releasing Go.oclasrv.com that is identified as a browser hijacker. It is able to corrupt all the web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Data gathering is it’s main goal that has been sent to the hackers online. You will be very unsafe with your WordPress, even your computer. In fact Go.oclasrv.com is very dangerous and awful program which does lots of harmful activities on infected machine. However, users have no idea that how it comes or attack on their WordPress & computer also.

Get further knowledge http://news.softpedia.com/news/Millions-of-WordPress-Websites-Susceptible-of-Hijack-Attacks-480375.shtml

WordPress is the Internet’s most famous content system, so it is a main target of criminals who creates notorious threats and utilize the bugs to infect WordPress and redirect the victims to virus or malware download unknown websites. Once Go.oclasrv.com affected your computer, you can lose numbers of crucial data or private details. Such type of threats will steal the users login details, passwords, during leaving the rest of the users experience unmodified.

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How Spammer Attacks & Effects Your WordPress Through Outlook


Image url – https://sonikarawat.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/how-to-repair-outlook-pst-file-using-scanpst-exe/

(Contact Error In Outlook 2010)

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is used for sending mails and data across Internet and managing outlook related data. All the data stored in PST file. You can easily access mail box data, journals, calender, drafts, attachment, images etc in Outlook. However, users should never create outlook email links because spammers often utilize the spam emails to scrape web sites by looking for contact or email addresses. By using your creating links it will increase spam and when you open your spam email attachments your WordPress get infected with virus or malware which further will connect your site to the hackers station to regain access your data without any consent.

For more info  https://en.support.wordpress.com/links/email-links/

Some radical new features like bells and whistles will be added in the Outlook 2010, thats never before seen in a Microsoft email client. It can used mainly as an email application, it includes calender, contact manager, task manager, note, journal and web browsing.

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