How To Fix Blue Screen Error c000021a Fatal System Error

I have a problem that is blue screen error c000021a on my Windows XP operating system. Due to this error, I was not able to access some of my precious picture files that I had transferred from Sony a7S II camera and saved them on the system’s hard drive. I tried rebooting the computer several times, but got the same c000021a fatal system error. I just want to restore some of those valuable image files from the hard disk after fixing this issue. Can someone please help me to resolve blue screen error c000021a and get back the lost data immediately on the system..?? Any help would be highly appreciated..!!

c000021a Fatal System Error

What is Blue Screen Error c000021a Fatal System Error?

Blue Scree of Death Error or c000021a Fatal System Error which is also known as Bug Check and Stop Error is a kind of common error message that belongs to the Microsoft Windows. This error notification mainly displays on Windows operating systems when the computer encounter various severe issues that were related to system’s hardware failure, drivers or updates. After getting c000021a fatal system error, user’s machine stops responding and also fails to boot.

As a result, all data saved on the hard drive of your system becomes inaccessible and even lost as well. Although, before knowing the best process to retrieve lost images or other media files from the PC’s hard drive after BSOD error and also to fix blue screen error c000021a, you should know the reasons that causes such annoying errors. Although, there are plenty of reasons that cause c000021a fatal system error or you might encounter this BSOD error on your system screen and some of them are listed below in this article.

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Just Released WordPress Under Attack – Know Zero Day Vulnerability

The WordPress is used for content management around world by millions of websites that are vulnerable to two newly found threats. It allows the online hackers to full access control on your WordPress of the web server. However, attack code is released which target one very latest versions of WP site. In 1990, there is a software piracy scene that scene was called ‘warez’. The people illegally sharing modems using commercial software group. Scene still exists today, but uses BitTorrent and other more modern techniques. Back then, modems pirated software was slow and took a long time to move.


But in Modern, it is said that there is a security hole in the software industry, where the software vendor “zero days” to fix the problem was to indicate the warez scene of the 1990s the word ‘zero’ day is borrowed. So, for example if you have Adobe Flash in a “zero day” vulnerability, so that means that Adobe still has not been aware of the problem of security and there is a security hole that Adobe Flash millions of people are likely to be running version.

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Latest Vulnerabilities In Four High Profile WordPress Plugins


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WordPress platform plugins that can any function may require the owner of a site for the availability of thousands of performance owes a lot of its popularity. In other words, if there is something you probably need to do is to put an existing plugin. But the security risks that come with installing WordPress plugins, what are you doing? Information security is a central tenet of which I have the confidentiality, integrity and availability will tie these threats.

However, plugins are just amazing. They save a lot of time to improve SEO, your website can build speed and much more. They are sites that web developers and designers more advanced, faster and with better features also allow you to build. But as we know that technologies is not far from corruption, So, as the best technology, Hackers and script kiddies WordPress websites always have some fun at the expense of damaging and defacing websites looking for is a sweet goal. For a hacker, it is worth investing time and money in identifying the weaknesses, since millions of sites around the world use WordPress, and lead to a settlement of them repeat it to another site with the same risk.

Here a little list with four plugins that can be attacked and exploit:

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