How To Fix Blue Screen Error c000021a Fatal System Error

I have a problem that is blue screen error c000021a on my Windows XP operating system. Due to this error, I was not able to access some of my precious picture files that I had transferred from Sony a7S II camera and saved them on the system’s hard drive. I tried rebooting the computer several times, but got the same c000021a fatal system error. I just want to restore some of those valuable image files from the hard disk after fixing this issue. Can someone please help me to resolve blue screen error c000021a and get back the lost data immediately on the system..?? Any help would be highly appreciated..!!

c000021a Fatal System Error

What is Blue Screen Error c000021a Fatal System Error?

Blue Scree of Death Error or c000021a Fatal System Error which is also known as Bug Check and Stop Error is a kind of common error message that belongs to the Microsoft Windows. This error notification mainly displays on Windows operating systems when the computer encounter various severe issues that were related to system’s hardware failure, drivers or updates. After getting c000021a fatal system error, user’s machine stops responding and also fails to boot.

As a result, all data saved on the hard drive of your system becomes inaccessible and even lost as well. Although, before knowing the best process to retrieve lost images or other media files from the PC’s hard drive after BSOD error and also to fix blue screen error c000021a, you should know the reasons that causes such annoying errors. Although, there are plenty of reasons that cause c000021a fatal system error or you might encounter this BSOD error on your system screen and some of them are listed below in this article.

Reasons Liable For the Occurrence of BSOD c000021a Error

  • Upgrading Windows OS in the old BIOS.

  • Failure in Kernel application software.

  • Hard drive corruption due to the bad sectors.

  • Important booting file or DLL missing.

  • Drivers that you installed recently not compatible with OS.

Method To Resolve Blue Screen c000021a Fatal System Error

In order to overcome with the problems like blue screen error c000021a fatal system error, you can use the two main methods that are provided in the next para of this article:

  • Upgrade Your Windows Operating System: You need to upgrade your installed Windows operating system to the latest one and it will help you to resolve the issue. In case, if this method does not help you, then you should go for the second one.

  • Format the System’s Hard Disk and Reinstall OS: This method will do the trick, you need to insert your Windows operating system boot disk and then install the latest Windows OS by formatting the hard drive.

How To Perform Data Recovery After Resolving BSOD c000021a Error?

If the above-mentioned methods help you to fix blue screen error c000021a fatal system error, then you should go for the data recovery process. However, losing important picture files from Sony a7S II camera or other digital camera models like Nikon D7200 camera due to BSOD error or any other unpleasant reasons always hits a panic button on you. Luckily, you need not to be worried, because there is a simple method using which you can recover the lost or deleted picture files including other media files after fixing c000021a error. For data recovery process, follow the instructions provided in the website recommended here:

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