How to Resolve Entourage Database Rebuild Fails Issue

Really, it’s a frustrating awkward moment when you launch Entourage and inspite of its well performance you encountered find messages missing, or Entourage refuses to launch at all or some like error messages. Someday before, I come through a Microsoft Forum Post where an user named as Shirley have an issues that she encountered “cannot rebuilt database and cannot open entourage” error message while using Office for Mac 2008. It keep asking her to rebuilt the database. Actually this error is clear sign of database Leawo Mac Data Recoverycorruption. This post deals with the solution to resolve entourage database rebuild fails issue.

Well, before coming to the solution to resolve entourage database rebuild fails issue, let’s have some brief introduction about the Entourage and what’re the causes for the emergence of this irritating error. MS Entourage is an email client application just like Outlook, Gmail which is developed by compatible with the version of Mac OS X. This very application is known to provides an efficient way to manage email and some other important items like notes, appointments, tasks, contacts, journals, etc. on the Mac computer systems. Entourage stores all your precious data alike contacts, messages, to do, attachments, calendar, and project data in a file that is popularly known as Database. However, despite so cool features a little mistake puts a normal user in serious issues alike entourage start acting abnormally. This abnormal behavior of Entourage may lead to severe data loss.

In addition to abnormal behavior or entourage, some other reasons that leads to emergence of entourage database rebuild fails issue and data loss are entourage database gets corrupted, identity corruption, system failure, improper application installation, abrupt power supply, abrupt termination of application, severe malware or virus attack, file header corruption and identity corruption. Reason may be different from the stated one but these issues results in occurrence of different kind of entourage error message, Some very commonly seen error messages, which emerges commonly while working with Entourage are mentioned below:-

  • “Framework error”
  • “I/O error on rebuilding”.
  • “Damaged office database”
  • “Entourage fails to launch”
  • “Entourage database rebuild fails”
  • “Mail couldn’t be accessed at this time”
  • “An error occurred while rebuilding the database”
  • “Can’t send via entourage, action could not be completed”

If you are working on MS Entourage 2008 for Mac, in addition to these error some other kind of problems you may faced are:-

  • “5.5.2 Syntax error”
  • “Invalid sender address”
  • “Could not relay message”
  • “The Office database is damaged”
  • “Transaction failed: Rejected by content filter”
  • “4.3.0 Mail server temporarily rejected message”

Definitely, the situation created at this time is frustrating one and the only solution is to resolve entourage database rebuild fails issue, make the corrupt database re-accessible. One need to rebuild the database if the items you are in desired to delete refuse to be deleted, you need to reclaim disk space as well as facing problems starting Entourage, or viewing, opening, and storing items.

Note:- A user should not rebuild database as regular maintenance. It must be avoided unless there is database corruption. Many people think continuous rebuilding database will protect you from the future corruption but this is not.

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