Wordfence Security – Better WordPress Plugin Enhance The Security


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If your are using WordPress then you need to take care of its security. In the modern technology corruption and malware attacks is the common issues, So protection is very essential to proper working and easy access your websites. Therefore considering the things on WordPress, it is really an amazing and best publishing platform, there’s simply the most awesome facts is that it has numbers of themes and plugins which makes the WordPress best platform and more secure. But Sometimes due to some vulnerable themes or plugins you may have to face lots of trouble with in your WordPress sites.

Few days ago, I noticed that my had got remotely connected to the server using a security bug in WordPress theme. In that time I was working with the author and and WP teams in order to fix vulnerabilities, and I remind that then created WordFence to keep assure this never happened again. It is really very effective and powerful designed WordPress security Plugin which can easily detect that themes and plugins may contain vulnerabilities.

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