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If your are using WordPress then you need to take care of its security. In the modern technology corruption and malware attacks is the common issues, So protection is very essential to proper working and easy access your websites. Therefore considering the things on WordPress, it is really an amazing and best publishing platform, there’s simply the most awesome facts is that it has numbers of themes and plugins which makes the WordPress best platform and more secure. But Sometimes due to some vulnerable themes or plugins you may have to face lots of trouble with in your WordPress sites.

Few days ago, I noticed that my had got remotely connected to the server using a security bug in WordPress theme. In that time I was working with the author and and WP teams in order to fix vulnerabilities, and I remind that then created WordFence to keep assure this never happened again. It is really very effective and powerful designed WordPress security Plugin which can easily detect that themes and plugins may contain vulnerabilities.

That’s why WordFence can monitors how remote humans and automated bots access your website. If it detects that some unknown is scanning for a hole in one of your activated themes or plugins, and then to keep your WordPress and secure it automatically blocks that IP address from accessing your site. This paragraph disclose only one of the type of continuous monitoring that Wordfence does to protect your WordPress site.


For your more knowledge Wordfence blocks fake Google crawlers. These are often robots which are either stealing users content or scanning the site for security bugs. It simply blocks anyone with harmlessly that any one accesses your site too soon.

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WordFence has very fast scanning that is a common heuristic which attack bots share. You can block anyone who is creating page not found errors without any delay. Scan your site for a security hole if they almost always page not found errors in rapid succession to generate a large number of errors by scanning results.

There are many more traffic related Wordfence configuration “Firewall Rules” section options are available and you can decide whether you (or anyone else) that its rules do you want to do with one of the breaks. You or “throttle can either block them” temporarily limits their use. It offers the best protection presents for website that is created and powered by the constantly updated Threat Defense Feed, the application firewall prevent your site to getting hacked.

It is developed on an advanced scanning algorithm that scan the leverages same proprietary feed, alerting the users without any delay in event site is compromised.


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Apart from there are many security features which are as follows:

  • WordFence Firewall firewall-b stops you from getting hacked by useless or malicious traffic, also blocks the attackers before accessing website.
  • Malware Defense Feed  networking automatically updates firewall rules which secure WordPress from new detected threats
  • Blocks ico-feature-block-country-b the common protection threats such as fake Googlebots, bogus scans and botnets.

Moreover, it comes added with blocking features, login security, security scanning, WordPress Firewall, Monitoring features, Multi-Site Security, Caching features, Ipv6 compatible, Major Theme and Plugins Supported, and so on. That’s why WordFence called as full-featured and updated to incorporated with latest security features and can easily hunt newly detected latest malware or threats on WordPress.

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